A Christian Ending

This page reflects upon death and the choices available to the individual should they seek to prepare for death before the event and how their body will be dealt with during this process. In many cases people fail to prepare for their demise and this responsibility falls upon a family member or someone else. This means that in many circumstances a person is left to assume the instructions of the deceased or follow whatever instructions they were given before death occurred.

If these instructions were not given in a written form (signed and witnessed), complications and errors can occur. This could mean that the wishes of the deceased are not followed in respect of the removal of the body, according to their wishes and spiritual beliefs.

The information displayed here is given to try and assist an individual in making a sensible choice on how they want their affairs dealt with upon their death. We also provide information on how to make sure that your wishes are achieved upon your death.

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An Alternative Way


The Development of an Industry

Why Man? Why God

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History of Cremation

What is cremation

A Christian Ending

A Christian Ending

How should Christian people prepare for death?

When it began

Cremation Chamber

Cremation Chamber

Temperature – 1,500 – 1,800 degrees (F)

Mass of course ash with bone fragments

Washing of the Body


Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit…

You are not your own

Cremated Remains


Inevitable commingling of minute particles

Amount cannot be determined

The Funeral Preparation


Preparing the Dead, in Christ, to meet the King…

The true Church of Christ

The Processing Machine


A mass of course ash with bone fragments

Cremated Material

Orthodox Funeral Service


Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit

The Church Christ Himself Established

The Grinding of Final Matter


The Reducer

Cremated Material turned into dust

Service Moves to Grave


The body is then buried

Old English Orthodox Church Tradition 

Cremated remains put in Urn


The Reducer Grinds Matter for Disposal

Material put in Urn (non Orthodox) 

Orthodox Burial Service


Burial Service (Orthodox Tradition)

The Old English Orthodox Tradition

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