Costa Georgiades

‘We do not struggle for a worldly institution, but for a spiritual one that bridges earth with heaven, antiquity with the future, and the present with eternity.


‘May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless and guide all of our struggles for His Church.’


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Who are we?

The Old English Orthodox Church web site is published and overseen by the Old English Church under the blessing of Arch Priest, Father Gregory Hallam of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland. Our Patriarch is His Beatitude JOHN X of Antioch. Our Bishop is ‘The Most Reverend Metropolitan Silouan Oner’. We are in communion with all the other Orthodox Churches worldwide, Antioch being one of the ancient sees of the Christian Church, (Acts 11:26). You can find out about our saints here (click).

What do we do?

This web site collates Orthodox Churches which incorporate the English language in its services and all are welcome to attend. After the Divine Liturgy on Sundays (in most parishes) tea, coffee and soft drinks are served. The various parishes can be found on the following link (click).

This Old English Orthodox Church web site has various links and a prayer box, which are also located on the web site (click), which shows helpful information about the existence of the Orthodox faith that was present in the UK before the Great Schism (click) in His One, Holy, catholic and Apostolic Church. It is the Church that Jesus Christ Himself established.

‘And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.‘ Matthew 16:18

Please feel free to explore the resources displayed here. If you would like to get better acquainted with our faith, we run a 3 year Diploma Course in Orthodoxy entitled E-Quip with personal tutorials and online learning (click). We also have Children’s activities after the Sunday Liturgy outside the major feasts of the Nativity (Christmas) and Pascha (Easter) in most of our Churches.

Our Clergy

Our Patriarch is His Beatitude JOHN X of Antioch. His Eminence, Metropolitan Silouan was Enthroned as our Bishop on 27th February 2016. Archimandrite Philip Hall is located in The Orthodox Christian Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert in the Heart of the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve (click). Please follow the link to see where our Orthodox Churches are located (click).

Today, the Orthodox Church is a global phenomenon with 14 autocephalous churches represented across the world. The legacy of all these churches is to be found in ALL these autocephalous churches and their dependencies.

Our Mission

This and the Orthodox Church web sites (click) are committed to seeing new communities planted throughout the UK. We believe that the English language should be one of the languages used in the Orthodox Liturgy and that an Orthodox Church should be within easy travelling distance to members. We believe that through God’s grace, prayer and evangelistic effort He will allow this to happen.

The Orthodox Church already incorporates many languages in the Liturgy as the Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian denomination in the world. It is the Church that Jesus Christ Himself established (click and here) and has in excess of two hundred and thirty million members worldwide.