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Akathist to Jesus-ChristCTA

Akathist TheotokosCTA

St Nicodemus

Humble Prayer

The Eucharist

The Jesus Prayer Audio

Interpreting the Gospel of John

Evolution vs. Creationism

Ladder of Divine Ascent

On the Fear of God

Evolution vs. Creation

Working to Secure Your Salvation

The Sermons of St. Gregory Palamas

Litany of Peace 1

Litany of Peace 2

Prayer – Holy Communion

Psalm 50

Litany of Peace 3



The Lords Prayer

O Joyous Light

Song of Saint Symeon

Alpha 989 Radio – Live

Paraclis Sf. Mucenic Alban 

Orthodox Doctrine


Teachings of the Orthodox Church

Doctrine (PDF) 

Orthodox Roots


Where did it all start?

When it began 

One Church


One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

It’s the same Church 

Orthodox Prayer


Praying the Orthodox Way

Prayer Book (PDF) 

Orthodox Spirituality


The Orthodox Faith – Doctrine and Worship

The true Church of Christ (PDF) 

Rich People


The Path to Virtue

Open the path to virtue