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Healing and restoring of relationships
Submitted By:linda evans
Prayer Request:Long term -ongoing prayer for me to be healed mentally and emotionally and physically. Pray that God would heal my thoughts and my cognative and executive function and that i would read and remember and enjoy reading and my hobbies of photography, jewelry making, and more. Pray that i would be able to sell my jewelry on etsy and that I would get a good paying job that i would excel at and be capable of doing all that is needed and then some. Pray that God would heal me physically and that my energy level would be restored and i wouldnt suffer from continuous fatigue or exhaustion and that i would be able to exercise and bicycle and do all the activities i want to participate in. Help me get the sleep study, a new doctor, and insurance to pay for all of it. Bring healing to my relationships and reconcillion and communciation to my relationship with israel and melinda (bring them salvation too) and renew and strengthen my relationship and communciation with Don, Brooke, and other friends. Help me start and build up a excellent relationship with clinton and that it would really prosper. Help me have a vibrant and strong relationship with jesus and feel his presence, anointing and direction continously. Help me help others and know how to handle crystal and jennifer and any thing else that comes into my life. Help me speak words of life and handle difficult ethical conversations and issues well.

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Please Pray for me and my friends...Submitted By: Warren Jewell
Please pray for Sionnny [Shawnny], Alex a recovering addict who has joined me on an Alpha Course and is very close to asking Jesus into his life, hes a lovely man. Also Francesco who is a brother but struggles with thoughts of self harm and also for me, Warren, that I can continue to walk worthy of the calling in which God has placed me at this time. I hope, with Gods grace, to be off all medication by the spring 2014.I thank you all so much for you faithfull intercession for the people you have been praying for.
Alex gave his heart to Jesus last week,sion has stopped his exessive drinking and is getting baptised on easter weekend praise Jesus!!
Francesco is much better and carrying a much more passion for Jesus in his speech and lifestyle.
As for me my opportunities are multiplying to share Christ with people and im going to stay with a christian freind in may to detox off the last of my methadone script, im only on 25ml a day now which is a very small amount. thank you all!!!

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