Saint Ebba:

Also known as Aebbe, Ebbe, Tabbs

Saint Ebba

First Abbess of Coldingham, Northumbria

First Abbess of Coldingham, Northumbria. Sister of King Oswy. Died in 683. Also known as Aebbe, Ebbe, Tabbs.

Saint Ebba, the daughter of King Ethelfrith of Northumbria, fled to Scotland with her brothers Saint Oswald and Oswy, when their father died in battle in 616 against King Saint Edwin (f.d. October 12)…

She received the veil from Saint Finan (f.d. February 17) at Lindisfarne. With the generous help of her brother, Ebba founded a convent on the Derwent, named Ebchester after her. She also established the double monastery at Coldingham in the marshes of Scotland’s Berwickshire. This holy abbess governed Coldingham’s nuns until her death, basing their organisation on that of Whitby. (more)