Saint Paul Aurelian:

Bishop of Britanny

Saint Paul Aurelian

Bishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon (Born c.AD 480)

(Welsh: Pawl; Latin: Paulinus; English: Paul)

Paul Aurelian was son of Perphir, a lord in Penychen. He had eight brothers, amongst them Nautel,  Pautel and Bana, and three sisters, Aude, Sadfyl and Weluela. He may have lived with the family when they moved to Eastern Dumnonia (Dorset and Devon) for he seems to have founded St. Paul’s Church in Caer Uisc (Exeter). Against his father’s wishes, Paul decided to actually enter the Church. He joined St. Illtud at Llantwit Fawr and then, on Ynys Byr (Caldy Island), in the company of St. Dewi, St. Samson and St. Gildas. Since the lands of Llantwit Abbey were very restricted, the four lads suggested that St. Illtud pray for the sea to recede and thus enlarge the monastic holdings. Illtud prayed all night and bade his disciples do the same. The next day. at low tide when the sea withdrew by some eight miles, Illtud took his pupils to the waters edge and drew a line with his staff in the sand. Ever since, it has never crossed that line and the abbey was able to reclaim a vast swathe of rich and fertile land. Paul spent much of his time scaring seagulls to stop them eating the monastic crops. However, he paid little attention to his duties and the crops were ruined. Frightened of his punishment, he prayed for divine intervention. The next day, he and his three fellows were able to heard all the seagulls together, like sheep, and lock them in a barn!