English Orthodox Saints:

‘When we call upon the Saints in prayer, if we pronounce their names from the heart, it already means that we bring them near our heart itself. Therefore ask their prayers and intercession undoubtingly for yourself. They will hear you, and will speedily lay your prayers before the Lord, in the twinkling of an eye, for He is omnipresent and omniscient. When the Oblation you call in prayer upon the Lord Jesus Christ, or upon His Most pure Mother and the Saints, or when you commemorate the living or the departed, then the portion taken from the Bread, that has been offered, represents, and as if replaces by itself the Lord, or His Most-pure Mother, or some particular Saint, or many Saints conjointly; also the living or the departed commemorated, while the name thought of represents and replaces by itself the soul of the being invoked or commemorated. Thus, in a small form, on our lips and in our hearts, the beings of the higher and lower worlds are reflected, and all this through faith, by the Holy Ghost, who alone is being everywhere and filling everything.’

Saint John of Kronstadt

St Abban

St Acca

St Adamnan

St Adomnan

St Adrian (England)

St Adrian Scotland 

St Aedh Mac Brice 

St Aelfthryth 

St Afan

St Aidan

St Alban

St Aldhelm

St Audrey

St Augustine

St Bede the Venerable

St Benedict Biscop

St Beuno

St Birinus

St Blane

St Boisil (or Boswell)

St Botolph

St Branwalladre or Brelade

St Brendan the Voyager

St Brigit

St Cedd of Lastingham

St Chad

St Columba

St Constantine of Colchester

St Constantine of Scotland

St Cuthbert

St Cuthburga

St Cuthman of Steyning

St David

St Deiniol

St Donald

St Donnan & Companions

St Eanswythe

St Eata of Hexham

St Ebba

St Edith of Wilton

St Edmund

St Edward

St Erconwald

St Ethelburga

St Etheldreda

St Felix of Burgundy

St Fiacre

St Finbar

St Fursey

St Gerald

St Germanus

St Gildas the Wise

St Guthlac of Crowland

St Helen of Colchester

St Helier of Jersey

St Hilda

St Julius and Aaron

St Kenelm

St Kenneth

St Kentigern

St Kevin

St Maglorious of Sark

St Mellitus

St Milburga

St Ninian

St Non

St Oswald

St Oswin

St Padarn of Wales

St Patrick

St Paul Aurelian

St Paulinus of York

St Pega of Peakirk

St Petroc

St Piran of Cornwall

St Plegmund

St Richard of the West Saxons

St Swithun

St Teilo

St Thenew

St Theodore of Tarsus

St Werburga

St Wilfrid of York

St Willibald

St Winefride of Treffynon

St Winwaloe

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