The video of Archimandrite Zacharias on Saint Silouanis (right) is highly recommended to those who want to know more about knowing what is an authentic knowledge of His Holy Spirit.

St Silouan and the state of Christ being transmitted to us…

Orthodoxy and Ortho-praxis

The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem

/ Вход Господень в Иерусалим

Holy Monastery

Монашеский постриг. Свято-Елисаветинский женский монастырь

Orthodox Christian Wedding

Part 1, Betrothal

Orthodox Christian Wedding,

Part 2, Procession to Center of the Church

Orthodox Christian Wedding, Part 3


Orthodox Christian Wedding, Part 4

Epistle and Gospel Readings

Orthodox Christian Wedding, Part 5

Procession during “Rejoice, O Isaiah!”

55 Maxims For Christian Living

— Fr Thomas Hopko

Prayer – Orthodox Elder Cleopa

Easter Lent

Holy Fire Miracle of Jesus

April 15, 2017 in Jerusalem at Holy Sepulchre Chapel. Easter Celebration

Ethiopian Orthodox Easter celebration of 2017

in London uk

Easter Mass in Moscow

Russian President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev Attend

Syriac Orthodox Easter Celebration

A brief narration on Baptism

Pilgrims Way (Orthodox Documentary)

History of Orthodox Christianity


Why America is in spiritual decline

– Father Seraphim Cardoza – the
Published on 1 Aug 2013. Fr. Seraphim Cardoza, Archpriest at St. Innocent Orthodox Church, discusses the spiritual decline in America, and talks about humility, Confession and Christian heros.

The Origins of Priesthood and Orthodox Doctrine

– Fr Seraphim Cardoza –

The Meaning of Great Lent

– Fr Seraphim Cardoza –

Spiritual Battles

– Father Seraphim Cardoza –

Father Seraphim Cardoza discuses how to stay strong in your faith


The Sacrament of Confession

– Fr Seraphim Cardoza –

Orthodox Church – Importance of Ecumenical Councils, Holy Fathers and Confession


The goal of Christianity

– Fr. Seraphim Cardoza